Insomnia Poets Part I:Silent Moan In The Midnight


When time hurts me, a lot

I can do nothing

I let my memories take me back

To the past


A time when I was an innocent

Little kid

I know nothing, I cant even swear

All I can do was cry when I was hungry


My memories never let me cry

It put me into a bin

When I become a shit

From nowhere


And yeah! This time is hurt me in so many ways

What can I do?

Just write down some crap words

I can’t even distinguish night and day


All I know is, this time hurt me

So many fucking time

And it make me resist

Do you know what time that hurt me?


When I really wanna go sleep

But I can’t sleep

Just doin nothing but writes

These fucking words and save it


What a crap!



Jember, January 16th, 2008


Time when I should get some sleep


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